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By the third day it was up, it had around 100,000 and that’s when I realized this was about to go viral.

The fourth day it hit a million and then got a million a day for about a week straight. I really wasn’t aware of the power of the internet until my video went viral so quickly!

Abigail Tucker, author of The Lion in the Living Room, a history of domestic cats, has suggested that cats appeal particularly because they "remind us of own faces, and especially of our babies...[they're] strikingly human but also perpetually deadpan".

BANGKOK: Animal Lovers on Friday cried foul against a controversial American social media celebrity who posted a You Tube video showing his cats being attacked by a large scorpion.

This site now has more than 100 million views per month and has "created a whole new form of internet speak".

According to Star Tribune, the festival's success is because "people realized that the cat video they'd chuckled over in the privacy of their homes was suddenly a thousand times funnier when there are thousands of other people around".

Firstly, did you ever secretly want to make out with me behind the stairs on the third floor of the art building at 3PM? I secretly/not so secretly wanted to make out with any boy as long as they brought me 3 or more chocolate chip cookies from that snack stand in the cafeteria. If I knew, I would have pumped you full of more cookies, mediocre mozzarella sticks and shit personal pan pizzas than you could have ever handled!

Anyways, as of 2/24/13, your video “e Harmony Video Bio” has 25,253,937 views, that’s the equivalent of the whole population of Afghanistan watching your video!

Laughing at these felines is a good way to relieve stress and boredom when there is nothing interesting to do.How long after you posted it did you start to see things go viral?I knew it was going viral when all of Afghanistan was talking about it!Thought Catalog has described cats as the "unofficial mascot of the Internet".The subject has attracted the attention of various scholars and critics, who have analysed why this form of low art has reached iconic status.

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