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Yahoo is advising users to change their passwords and security questions and answers for any other accounts in which they used the same or similar information as with their Yahoo account.

Users should also consider enabling two-step authentication on their Yahoo accounts, to provide an extra and very strong level of security.

So relax, enjoy your date’s company, and be aware of what signals your demeanor is sending.

There’s nothing worse than suddenly realizing your date is drunk. When you call to ask someone out, always have a plan in mind, even if it’s a spur-of-the-moment suggestion to go grab a coffee.

Photo: Two Night Stand I have what can best be described as a hate-love relationship with online dating.

I HATE how long I’ve been at it—four years now, on and off, since I first moved to New York City—but I love all of the interesting people I’ve met, the amusing experiences I’ve had, and the many stories I’ve gathered.

The company has posted examples of what that email looks like on its site.The only thing that has ever stopped me from messaging an awesome-seeming guy, is seeing that he hasn’t looked at his profile in two weeks.If you don’t have time to sign in, you probably don’t have time for me. (But especially me.)" data-reactid="32"Another way to make impressions easily is to update your profile. Updating can mean anything from adding a new picture to changing a line in your bio; it doesn’t really matter.That comes on top of a breach involving as many as 500 million Yahoo users that the company reported in September of this year but which took place in 2014. Not all emails that look like they come from Yahoo are legit.Yahoo is reaching out to users, advising them to change passwords and upgrade their security. Phishing emails from crooks masquerading as Yahoo may asks users to click on links. They also won't contain attachments and never request users' personal information, the company says."If an email you receive about these issues prompts you to click on a link, download an attachment, or asks you for information, the email was not sent by Yahoo and may be an attempt to steal your personal information.

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