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Hello guys I have a problem with my code: I want to print an error message every time the user enters a number lower than -273.15 .

My code runs well and does the desired mathematical operation.

In that case, the body of the loop is never executed at all.

The body of a while loop can be executed any number of times, including zero.

The next five sections explore the details of control structures that are available in Java, starting with the statement in this section.

What happens if the condition is true, but it becomes false somewhere in the middle of the loop body? It doesn't, because the computer continues executing the body of the loop until it gets to the end.

Only then does it jump back to the beginning of the loop and test the condition, and only then can the loop end.

(Enter a value in the range 9 - 15): 4 Team size should be 9 to 15 players.

The reason behind this is when you hit return\enter on your keyboard, a newline character is passed in as input.

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