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The issue at stake will be valuated as 'inacceptable', 'problematic', 'shocking', 'unsatisfactory' or as a 'big step towards a better society'.

The situation is considered a result of 'ongoing injustice', 'a further political victory of the pharmaceutical industry', an outcome of 'corruption', or an expression of 'pure campaign strategy'.

Marjorie had decided to not enroll her daughter in public school and instead enrolled her in the Home Study Institute, a Seventh Day Adventist correspondence course.[iii] The Levisens are Seventh Day Adventists who believe “that the child should not be educated in competition with other children because it produces a pugnacious character, that the necessary atmosphere of faith in the Bible cannot be obtained in the public school, and that for the first eight or ten years of a child’s life the field or garden is the best schoolroom, the mother the best teacher, and nature the best lesson book.”[iv] In the Illinois Supreme Court case , a critique of tax-funded, public education.”[vi] Bill Gothard incorporates Campus Teams, the organization that will later become the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP).[vii] 1962 Many conservative Protestants pull their children out of public schools on account of Supreme Court decisions that force racial desegregation and ban school-officiated religious activities (such as school-sponsored Bible reading).

Their complaint is that the Court “put the Negroes in the schools—now they put God out of the schools.”[viii] 1963 Raymond Moore cofounds the Hewitt Research Foundation with Carl Hewitt.[ix] R. Rushdoony writes , Goodman argues “that compelling children to attend school is not the best use of their youth, and that education is more a community function than an institutional one.

This idea was developed and amplified over the years by many authors, but most forcefully by John Holt.”[xi] John Holt writes . He makes Rushdoony’s book, , the basis of a seminar for students at L’Abri in Switzerland.[xiii] Wheaton College, Bill Gothard’s alma mater, invites Gothard “to design and teach a course based on his work with youth.” The course is given the name “Basic Youth Conflicts.”[xiv] 1965 R. Rushdoony founds the Chalcedon Foundation.[xv] The Foundation affirms homeschooling as not only one of the most important institutions for implementing Rushdoony’s ideology of Christian Reconstructionism,[xvi] but also “the only model for education given in the Bible.”[xvii] 1966 In New Jersey, Barbara and Frank Massa remove their daughter from public school to homeschool her.

Both the magnitude of quantitative (see for instance King/Lowe 2003; Klingemann et al. 2003) and qualitative methods (see for instance Fairclough 2003; Keller et al.

The following is a historical timeline of the modern U. homeschooling movement from 1904 through the present.

It details the various and divergent aspects of homeschooling — from the leftist unschooling movement pioneered by John Holt to the conservative Christian takeover masterminded by Michael Farris, Gregg Harris, Mary Pride, and Brian Ray, the so-called “Four Pillars of Homeschooling.” The purpose of this timeline is to educate the public about how homeschooling has evolved over the years and also reveal divisions that have plagued it since its beginnings.

Peer Block blokkeert netwerkverkeer op basis van IP-adressen en heeft dus op zich niets te maken met DNS. Vraag me nog af wat de meerwaarde is van dit programma?

Dit is dus een firewall met het voordeel dat de lijsten van IP-adressen die geblokkeerd moeten worden automatisch worden geladen en up-to-date gehouden. Zeker omdat dit al tijden niet meer was bijgewerkt.

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