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The 29-year-old actress also posted photos of her and Escudero in the municipality of Barcelona in Sorsogon, where they gamely posed with locals.One photo shows the couple surrounded by a huge crowd, including students apparently starstruck by the two.It was hinted that Sison and Tan had recently gone on a trip to the US, and that she has a husband as well. I will see you both in court.”The ex-couple was dating for 5 years and everyone assumed that they were well on their way to their happily ever after until they surprised fans and media alike when they broke up.Dizon refused to have her marriage with Tan annulled, “There is no forgiveness for what you did. Billy took the blame, saying that he needs to find himself.“Di po totoo," Escudero told entertainment columnist Ricky Lo, weeks after the actress initiated the breakup with Brazilian boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga.He also clarified his present status after declaring in his 2011 SALN that he is "separated" to his wife, Christine Elizabeth “Tintin” Flores.

“Anyway, P-Noy has so much on his plate already now as leader of the country, so it would be wise for him to choose someone after his term, but it’s also all right to be inspired from time to time,” she added. I like doing civic projects and I’d definitely want to someday do something outside showbiz. She brought me to the United Nations in Yew York with her to campaign for the International Criminal Court, and I was able to talk to different ambassadors.

Evangelista and Escudero's pictorial appears to be road trip-themed.

The couple poses on a motorcycle by the entrance of a church, and later along a road lined with lush trees.

And so I decided to kick off the reactivation of this blog with my reflection on Chiz.

One of the 2 questions I asked then is the primary legislation that he will work on. But usually, during the 6-year stint, they will be able to work on one or two they will author and see it passed until the end.

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However, after months of silence, Nikki hinted that Billy cheated on her in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

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