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We realized a long time ago that Java was turning into a dead end as far as client software goes.So about two years ago, we turned our limited resources to coming up with a different solution.Problem: GH2 set to manual mode seems to block me from making any exposure adjustments. I'm set to 24H, no hack (yet), aftermarket lens (EOS w/ a Kipon ring with iris), and in Movie mode on the dial.EXAMPLE: Say I want to stay at 50fps or 125fps for shooting in 24p, am I stuck having to use a matte and ND's to get where I need to be?

may affect ratings" What does this do and what storylines?I shoot moving from a motorcycle mostly in bright sun, the matte would be problematic with all the wind - really I'm looking at how / if I can control in-cam. TXSo far I haven't used or even tried any "adapted" lenses on my GH2's, I use Lumix and Zuiko m4/3rds optics although I still have several EOS lenses.I've got a hunch your problems may stem from the adapter, and although it may have it's own iris I'm not sure it "communicates" in any way with the camera. Java was supposed to be the perfect cross platform, device independent language. But of course, it’s not a perfect world, and there is no free lunch. Everyone is probably aware at this point that support for Java apps in the browser is going the way of the dodo bird. The Jmeeting client, the website, even the back end servers were written in Java.

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